vaccine safety commission

"Who wouldn't want safer vaccines?"

The Vaccine Safety Commission was formed by concerned scientists, doctors, journalists, and parents. There are too many unanswered questions about the safety of the United States Vaccine Program, and every American citizen deserves to know the truth. We provide the following information for all concerned citizens:

  • 50 peer-reviewed, published studies from scientists all over the world that raise grave concerns about the impact vaccines are having on human health. These studies are never cited by the U.S. media, and yet the majority have been published since 2010. These studies alone clearly and unequivocally support the importance of taking a closer look at vaccine safety.
  • A quick review of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a compensation system set up by the U.S. Government that has paid out settlements in excess of $3 billion for vaccine injury.
  • An overview of the Vaccine Court, the only legal means American citizens have to sue for vaccine injury, a 1986 law made vaccine makes 100% liability free.
  • A summary of the disturbing conflicts of interests at our Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the governing body in charge of the U.S. Vaccine Program.
  • The AAP sent a letter on February 7, 2017, to President Trump that included a study from a whistleblower scientist at CDC, a wanted felon, and a paper showing that vaccines cause neurological tics. The AAP is a trade union for Pediatricians, who make the majority of their revenues from vaccines.
  • Finally, we provide recent media on this important topic to help you better understand this complex issue.
vaccine safety commission