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The Vaccine Court is the only legal means for Americans to find justice in the event of a vaccine injury. Most Americans are mystified to learn that vaccine makers cannot be sued if their vaccine causes harm, due to an act of Congress in 1986.

Additional information about the Vaccine Court:

  • In November, 2014, the General Accounting Office issued a deeply critical report of the Vaccine Court, saying that it was failing on many of the reasons it had been created in the first place. They criticized the lack of public awareness about the court, how long it was taking injury claims to be processed, and the limited number of injuries the court recognized despite a growing vaccine schedule.
    "HRSA has acknowledged being criticized for years for not adequately promoting public awareness of VICP...HRSA noted that one of the critical issues facing the program from 2005 to 2010 was that many parents, the general public, attorneys, and health care professionals were not aware VICP existed...Without awareness of the program, individuals who might otherwise receive compensation for a vaccine-related injury or death could be denied compensation because of a failure to file their claim within the statutory deadlines. One stakeholder commented that the public is largely unaware of the program, and this lack of awareness contributes to missing filing deadlines and individuals being denied the opportunity for compensation."
  • This extraordinary study in the Pace University Law School's journal found that 83 separate injury settlements in vaccine court had been for children with autism, despite the fact that the government claims vaccines do not cause autism.
    "This preliminary study suggests that the VICP has been compensating cases of vaccine-induced encephalopathy and residual seizure disorder assoicated with autism since the inception of the program. Through this preliminary study, the authors have found eighty-three cases of autism among those compensated for vaccine-induced brain damage. This finding raises fundamental questions about the integrity, transparency, and fairness of the program."


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